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Terms and Conditions:

  1. You are an Ayngar Employment employee, and will be sent to other companies to do work. Available to your both temporary and full-time positions. I acknowledge that my relationship with Ayngar Employment is entered into as an elect to work agreement and that I have the right to decline work without penalty.
  2. Your working hours will be recorded on Ayngar Employment’s time sheet at the work place. This time sheet is your responsibility and must be completed and brought to this office at the end of each week. If you cannot do so, please contact our office no longer than Monday morning. This will prevent waiting of an extra week of your pay.
  3. Should the company that you are working, if wish to hire you on directly, they can do so only after you have worked there for 12 weeks unless otherwise stated.
  4. If you feel that the job you have been asked to perform is not safe, you should report this matter immediately to your on-site supervisor and then phone us to explain.
  5. Our customer will be responsible for your on-site training, if you feel as though you have not been trained appropriately, report to your on-site supervisor and then phone us to explain.
  6. No alcohol or drugs will be tolerated before or while our on the job.
  7. In case of accident, you must call our office as soon as possible. Follow this up by coming into our office within 24hrs to fill out an accident report.
  8. Submit the form only if you certify that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions of Ayngar Employment, and realize that failure to comply could result in your dismissal.