What We Are

About Us

Have you stopped lately to consider what your permanent staff are truly costing you? Many of us know, understand and can easily relate to the hourly rates we pay our staff.

Few of us however take the time to add up or to even fully understand all the “hidden extra” costs involved in hiring and compensating our staff. Yet these “hidden” costs can and do add as much as 25% or more to the hourly wages paid to every employee.

One more way we help to connect good people with great companies’ every day. All the help you need, when you need, for as long as you need. All the help you need, for as long as you need. Ayngar Employment -providing people to your puzzle

We values your business! That’s why its so important to us to find the best match for your staffing need. We know how important its is to minimize the amount of your time and money spending in finding the right employees. We dedicate our time recruiting and screening employees so that you don’t have to.

Ayngar Employment is a leader in the industry, and we pride ourselves on the type of candidates we offer each of our clients. What sets up apart from other staffing companies is that we have and extensive application process. Our process allows us to properly assess if the person is qualified for employment and have the skills for each job order with our client companies.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be the leading company in satisfying our customers and providing services beyond their expectation and providing jobs to employees who believe in satisfying customers.

Works Fast

We have a refined workforce which can withstand on any hardships. And all our Employees are trained well to work fast in their given duties. We hire people with energetic mind and dedication.

Quality Service

Our service is promising and stable, we give our best for our clients need. We serve people with high experience and trustworthy. We maintain a dignity in our services. Quality is our priority.

Need and Deed

Not like any other recruitment agencies we help our clients in their urgent with affordable cost. When you need us we are always there for you. We keep maximum assistance to our clients. Your need is our deed.

Cost Saving

We care on saving your cost in everything, we gave you the best saving plans through our services.


We research about your needs and problems and we helps them with our workforce.

Employee Benefits

We maintain all kinds of benefits for our employee according to their work type.

Risk Management

Even at less time and affordable rate we take risk in serving our clients.